First, I absolutely adore Zurich as a city. The swans serenely gliding about the Limmat River woo me each and every time. Second, The Hotel Widder is one of my most favorite hotels in the world. A visit here will stick with you when you leave. You will miss it. 

The hotel is a unique highly inspired creative and intimate place that just so happens to have seven hundred years of history within. Previously nine individual medieval homes, the hotel was created by combining and authentically restoring the spaces. There is a perfectly balanced contrast between old and new, historic and modern. Some of the most iconic modern furniture from the 20th century is enjoyed throughout the common areas and beautifully highlighted in the rooms.

The Widder has a wonderful restaurant with innovative contemporary European cuisine. The Widder Bar is truly a jewel of perfection. There are over 1,000 of the finest spirits to choose from, satisfying even the most jaded imbiber. Seasonally, there are jazz evenings in the spring and fall.

The hotel features 49 individual and unique guest rooms and suites with historical ceiling beams, ornate stonework and antique furnishings along side iconic modern classic pieces such as Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier and an equally wonderful art collection. The amenities are comfortable and luxurious and the service is best in class. 

The location is walking distance to the train station and is lovely to explore. There is great shopping in one direction and high character, architecturally beautiful buildings and fountains within cobblestone streets within steps in the other direction. With the train station close it's easy to travel for side trips to other wonderful locales such as Lucerne and St. Moritz. 

Very highly recommend, and I obviously need to plan a return trip soon.