When you are fortunate to be visiting Paris, I very highly recommend a visit to the art museum Foundation Louis Vuitton. It's a quick jaunt from central Paris and will be worth every second once you arrive. While Paris has many outstanding places to view art, there is something extra inspiring here. My feeling is much of it has to do with Frank Gehry's overall design of the building. There are enticing and visually captivating angles everywhere, many integrated water features and even the views of the surrounding park are highlighted.

Talented French artist Daniel Buren has recently unveiled a new installation by covering the exterior shell of twelve glass sails of the Foundation Louis Vuitton building with a stunning array of multicolored effects that elegantly filter the light.

The arrangement includes bright primary colored squares in red, blue, yellow and green - brilliantly animating the architecture with colored hues for all to enjoy. 

The Foundation Louis Vuitton was designed by the famous Canadian American architect Frank Gehry to resemble a cloud of glass. He was inspired by the shapes of sails on a sailboat in the photograph below on the left.

The art museum is composed of eleven exhibition galleries of contemporary art as part of the permanent collection, as well as further temporary exhibitions and commissions. Additionally there is an auditorium for performance space, restaurant and meeting, event and educational spaces. 

One of my favorite spots is the overlook on the stairs viewing the central restaurant, where you enjoy an excellent view of  Frank Gehry's fish light installation.