The fish is a perfect form.

Frank Gehry

When I was visiting London I made a point of visiting the Gagoisian Gallery to take in Architect Frank Gehry's unbelievably stunning fish lamps. Images pale in comparison to experiencing these dynamic pieces in person.

Frank Gehry first created his fish lamps between 1984 and 1986 using a new material at the time, plastic laminate ColorCore. During making a commission for Formica, he accidentally shattered a piece. He was inspired that the broken shards looked like fish scales. He glued the shards to wire frames and a whimsical idea was born. 

They are more recently oversized and lit warmly from within. On exhibit they are in groups and singular forms, horizontal, vertical and displayed mounted in various ways with and without wood. 

The fish lamps are a gorgeous example of form and function. Since the creation of the first lamp, Gehry’s Fish Lamps have been exhibited in London, Paris, Hong Kong, and now Rome. Frank Gehry lives and works in Los Angeles.

The fish lamps are on exhibit in September of 2016 at The Gagosian Gallery in Rome.